Classical piano

As a classical pianist, I play music ranging from Baroque to Contemporary. Here are a few recordings of performances from the last few years. Most are pieces from solo recitals, but I've also included a couple of movements from a Martinu Trio.

The Haydn Sonata, #42 in D, is a wonderful two-movement piece from my graduate recital-- I became aquainted with the piece through a very nice recording of it by Arthur Loesser. The Schumann is the first movement of Kreisleriana. Debussy's Reflets dans l'eau is arguably one of the most beautiful pieces written for the piano. Finally, some 20th century American pieces: two selections from Vincent Persichetti's Poems for Piano and the dramatic first movement of Muczynski's First Piano Sonata. The Persichetti pieces are from a collection inspired by lines of poetry. The first is Unroll the flicker's rousing drum and the second is Ravished lute, sing to her virgin ears.

I've also included the first and last movements of the Martinu Trio No. 1. This piece was on my DMA Ensemble recital, featuring Toru Tagawa on violin and Ted Buchholz on 'cello. It's in five short movements and is a blast to play and to listen to.