Nikolai Kapustin was born in 1937 in the Ukraine and has been active as a composer since the late 1950s. He currently lives in Moscow and is still busy creating works in his own unique musical language--a combination of jazz style and classical form. There is a site devoted to Kapustin with information on his life and work. If time allows, I may try to make a web version of my lecture-recital on the Twenty-four Preludes, Op. 53.

Kapustin Audio

I performed 11 of the 24 Preludes for my lecture-recital and hope to provide all as downloads. Currently, Preludes One, Two, Three, Four, Ten, and Thirteen are available.

I hope you enjoy. Please drop me a line if you like what you hear.

Kapustin Analysis

My DMA document is now available for download in PDF format.

Please click here to access the page!